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Let nothing stop you from the high quality healthcare you deserve!
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When you or your loved ones need to get healthier, brightpe makes paying for your quality healthcare, least of your worries. Get better & pay later.

Accessing health
digitally? No problem, we got you covered!

We partnered with your favorite digital health platforms to offer you pay later, wherever and however you get care. Search for your favorite digital health platform.


How to pay for care with brightpe?

Find Care through Bright

Let Bright help you find the right care specific to your health need. If you're accessing care online, you'll find us at checkout, or you can use your virtual card or physical card.

Find Care through Bright

For which healthcare services can you pay with brightpe?

BrightPe - Radiology
BrightPe - Vaccinations
BrightPe - Pharmacy Benefits
BrightPe - Primary Care
BrightPe - Chronic Care
BrightPe - Mental Health
BrightPe - Dermatological Care
Primary Care
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Pay later for unplanned health needs.

And spend on what you planned for! Using credit card to pay for health needs? Think again.. Late fees, Hidden charges, Sneaky fine print... No thanks! At BrightPe, we like to help you plan for expenses when you're healthier & brighter.

Be a Bright Healthcare Organization

Partner with us, and provide your patients with an easy-to-pay option that reduces the immediate financial burden on them and let's them pay at their convenience when they're in their brighter health.


Making paying for quality healthcare, the least of the worries for millions of Indians

We believe in a world where people have the right to get quality healthcare without worrying about it at the moment of getting healthcare. Pay at your convenience and plan for your finances when you're healthier & brighter. Come join us in our mission to improve healthcare.

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BrightPe is a financial services company which facilitates a microloan for monthly installments by partnering with a financial corporation, to simplify the payment for healthcare expenses. We're ourselves not a bank or a loan issuer.

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