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Are payments made automatically or do I need to pay manually?

We provide an automatic payment option called an Electronic Fund Transfer, so you never have to worry about forgetting a due date again. Using this option, we electronically debit your bank account for the amount you owe on your due date.

All our payment plans are automatically enrolled in autopay with the credit or debit card used to make the initial down payment. This card will be charged for the remaining payments unless a new payment method is added to the account.

While we do encourage all of our borrowers to enroll in autopay to ensure no on-time payments are missed or fine rates are attracted. Although for all the plans the option to cancel autopay is available at any time of the plan's life span.

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BrightPe is a financial services company which facilitates a microloan for monthly installments by partnering with a financial corporation, to simplify the payment for healthcare expenses. We're ourselves not a bank or a loan issuer.

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