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What is BrightPe?

BrightPe strives to keep you out of unhealthy debt by facilitating fair, transparent credit so you can pay over time for the quality healthcare you deserve. We offer affordable monthly payments at a pace you choose—usually 2, 3, or 6 months—so you're in control. From day one, you know how long you'll pay, and you know how much you'll pay. 

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BrightPe plans

Installments in 2, 3, or 6 months

At several care locations like clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, you can use BrightPe Card or UPI to pay upfront to the healthcare provider and pay us in time. You can choose to spread your payments out, typically in 2, 3, or 6 months (or more), to pay for your healthcare with manageable payments that work with your budget.

5 interest-free payments

Depending on the healthcare provider and your order value, you can make 5 equal payments, every two weeks, so you pay your purchases off quickly with no impact on your credit.

Virtual card

To pay with BrightPe at other healthcare organizations, you can prequalify and apply for a loan at or in the BrightPe app, and you'll get a virtual card or a physical card you can use at most locations for both online and at clinic payments. It works like a credit card—just choose to pay by credit card at checkout, then enter your virtual card number.

Interest and no fees

We don’t charge any fees. That means no late fees, no prepayment fees, no annual fees, and no fees to open or close your account. Your interest rate may be different depending on your creditworthiness and where you are getting care. The exact terms that apply to your bill, will be given when you book the service from BrightPe app.


At checkout or while making the payment, BrightPe always shows the total amount of interest you’ll pay and you will never be charged more than that. This way, you always know what you’re getting into. If you pay faster than agreed, you might be charged less! 

No fees

With BrightPe, there are no late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or any hidden fees.

Next steps

Interested in paying over time? Learn how to create an accountprequalify, or get care
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BrightPe is a financial services company which facilitates a microloan for monthly installments by partnering with a financial corporation, to simplify the payment for healthcare expenses. We're ourselves not a bank or a loan issuer.

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