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BNPL FOR Botox injections

These are some of the that you can pay for with brightpe at locations in the BrightPe network.


    Cost estimates of Botox injections

    These are the typical costs of some of the most common Botox injections. Click on the respective service to see more details about it.

    Radiology Costs

    Radiography imaging, primarily of bones
    ₹250 - ₹2,500
    MRI Test
    Magnetic resonance imaging of the organs / tissues
    ₹1,500 - ₹25,000
    CT Scan
    Computer Tomography for structure of bones / soft tissues
    ₹2,000 - ₹30,000

    Lab Test Costs

    Liver function test
    Detecting damage / inflammation to liver
    ₹450 - ₹1,500
    Lipid Profile
    Measuring cholesterol levels & fat content
    ₹600 - ₹7,000
    Thyroid Profile
    To check for functions of thyroid gland
    ₹600 - ₹4,500

    Find Diagnostic Centers

    You can pay for your diagnostic services using BrightPe at hundreds of diagnostic facilities across India. Find your favorite provider by typing your location.

    * If your preferred diagnostic center provider is not accepting BrightPe, you can refer them to us. We will try contacting them to facilitate BNPL for you.

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    BrightPe is a financial services company which facilitates a microloan for monthly installments by partnering with a financial corporation, to simplify the payment for healthcare expenses. We're ourselves not a bank or a loan issuer.

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